Huaguang power station

Wuxi Guolian Huaguang Power Station Engineering Co., Ltd

Wuxi Guolian Huaguang Power Station Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huaguang Power Station), established in March 2004, is a comprehensive engineering company controlled by Wuxi Huaguang Environmental Protection Energy Group Co., Ltd., mainly focusing on power station engineering construction and services. It shares resources and platforms with Huaguang Environmental Protection Energy (Xi'an) Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., integrating engineering design, equipment procurement, construction, project management, and operation services, It is one of the power construction engineering companies in China that simultaneously owns power design institutes, boiler manufacturing plants, steam (electric) machine manufacturing plants, and power plants as platforms; Mainly engaged in general contracting of power station construction projects and equipment sets, photovoltaic power stations, environmental protection and energy-saving projects, boiler new technology transformation, flue gas purification treatment and other general contracting businesses.