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Shantou Chaonan Textile Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Comprehensive Treatment Center Thermal Power Co generation 3150th+2350th Boiler SCR System Project Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 2x240th Coal Powder Furnace SCR Denitration Project Jingxi Tiangui Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. 3240th fluidized bed boiler mixed method denitrification+3 roasting furnaces denitrification project Jiulong Paper Industry (Taicang) Co., Ltd. 3410th boiler denitration and reducing agent renovation Shenyang Tianrun Thermal Heating Co., Ltd. Exhibition No. 2 Heat Source Plant 190MW Boiler Denitration Upgrading and Renovation Project SNCR+SCR Combined Desale System Tianjin Huadian Military Grain City Phase VI 650MW Gas+350MW Coal fired Cogeneration Project 晋煤金石化工投资集团有限公司4×260th锅炉低氮燃烧和SNCR、SCR改造项目 SCR denitrification project of 9F gas turbine waste heat boiler of West District Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd Yangmei Pingyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. 260th Fluidized Bed Boiler Renovation+SCR Denitration Project Jiangyin Huaxi Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 3130+1170th coal powder boiler denitration reducing agent to ammonia water EPC project Shanghai Electromechanical Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. 130MW Suixi Biomass Thermal Power Project Smoke SNCR Denitration Project Desulfurization and Denitration Project of Domestic Sludge Incineration Boiler in Wujin District Sewage Treatment Plant, Changzhou City Fujin Xiangyu Jingu Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Fluidized Bed New Environmental Protection Island Project Guizhou Batian Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. has been completed for 2 years × The 75th boiler is equipped with one ammonia desulfurization tower for subsequent flue gas treatment Shandong Zhenghe Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Low nitrogen denitrification SCR economizer renovation Inner Mongolia Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant 130th Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Lime Gypsum Desulfurization+170th Coal Powder Furnace SCR Denitration System Renovation The 75th+130th boiler and SNCR denitrification renovation of Jiangnan Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City Weihai Wendeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 90th Fluidized Bed Low Nitrogen Transformation Project Zhejiang Jiahua Chemical Energy Co., Ltd. 1450th Fluidized Bed Boiler Renovation+SCR Denitration Project Zhejiang Xiuzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 130th Fluidized Bed Expansion and Renovation+SCR Denitration Project Low nitrogen and major overhaul renovation of the 130th circulating fluidized bed boiler of Zhongyan Dongxing Salt and Chemical Co., Ltd North Control Environmental Renewable Energy Shuyang Co., Ltd. 300td Waste Heat Furnace Low Nitrogen Expansion and Renovation Dalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Xianghai Thermal Power Plant 4220th circulating fluidized bed boiler low nitrogen transformation and SNCR optimization project Jiangyin Huaxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 180m2 sintering machine flue gas SCR denitrification system upgrade and renovation project Mianchi Dongneng Technology Co., Ltd. 750tr Red Mud Rotary Kiln Denitration Renovation+Smoke Dehydration Project Media center Company news The first case in the country! Cross border RMB export credit+credit insurance project successfully landed in Wuxi Huaguang Power Station invites you to gather at the Wuxi New Energy Exhibition Industry information What is a distributed photovoltaic power station? The difference between distributed power plants and centralized power plants (difference between centralized power plants and distributed power plants) Employee style Service support Contact us Join us